Our services


As previously mentioned toolmaking is our primary business, from concept, design to manufacture.

All design work is done in house using modern Cad/Cam technology, Autocad being used to produce the drawings and Peps is used to create 3D models and surfaces for CNC and Wire eroding programs.

A full set of drawings is supplied, both printed and on CD when job is completed.


As well as our main business (Toolmaking) we also have experience in general machining from small to medium sized machining projects to Die sets and 3D machined parts.

Using modern machinery such as our Okuma machining centre to our Charmiles Wire eroder all parts are completed to a very high standard.

Digital data is used to produce all our parts and tools so all machining can be verified to a high degree of accuracy and is guaranteed to be correct to design.

Our previous experience in tooling includes:-

  • Blanking tools.
  • Compound tools (Pierce & Blank).
  • Cam pierce tools.
  • Small to medium Progression tools.

Modification and Repair

Using our Renishaw digitiser we are able to scan damaged or broken parts and reverse engineer the surfaces, using either the built in Renishaw software or our own PEPS system to enable us to create programs for our CNC mill or 2D paths for our wire eroder.

We can output 3D data in varoius formats IGS, VDA, STEP, SAT if you would prefere to process the data yourself.

2D drawings can also be produced from the obtained scanned data, so lost or outdated drawings can be replaced.
These can be output in varing standard compliant formats such as DXF and DWG.

We can also produce parts by re-modeling from customer drawings if required.

Press Tryout

Our 150 tonne HME press is capable of handling small to medium sized press tools for tryout or production runs.

Having a press on site is an invaluable asset when developing blanking and progression tools, with progression tools each stage can be prototyped and proved before moving on to the next!